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(Farmers' Market, Buying Club or Co-Op)

What is the benefit of listing a Farmers' Market on Local Dirt?

Listing your Farmers' Market will both help you grow your customer base, and enable producers to sell their products online for preorder at the market (Farmers' Market pre-buy).

What is my group member password?

Each group manager creates a member password to ensure that only approved vendors join their group on Local Dirt. Ask your group manager for your member password.

General Information

Is this just for produce?

No. You can purchase any product that is listed and produced locally. For example, some producers may sell flowers, processed items (like cheese or jams and jellies), or meat.

What is the Daily Deal?

Started by Local Dirt, the Daily Deal is a weekly (soon to be daily), email featuring any "deals" farmers offer for bids. This email is sent to the grocery stores and restaurants that have requested it. The daily deal emails are personalized by each buyer's location; buyers see only "their" local products.

Does using Local Dirt cost anything?

Currently no, we are funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, so for the rest of 2019, Local Dirt is free.

How does Local Dirt make revenue?

For 2019, we are offering free one-year trial memberships as part of our National Science Foundation funding. After December 31, 2019, we will charge an annual membership fee ($360) for any member that buys or sells wholesale. We do not take any percentage of sales.

Why is the membership fee so low?

Local Dirt is a national website; therefore, the cost is spread out across the country.

Will my information be sold to anyone if I join Local Dirt?

No, your information is completely secure when you join Local Dirt. We will never sell or share your information.

What if I don't have a computer?

You can still search for local food. If you are a farmer, you can still have a profile to market your business. Simply call us at (608) 554-4800 to arrange this for you.

Can anyone use Local Dirt?

Yes. Local dirt is open to all individuals, businesses, farms, producers, farmers' markets, Co-Operatives, and buying clubs in the United States.

What is an user id?

Your user id is your email address. If you don't have one, you can obtain a free email account through gmail or hotmail, or others. We can help you do this too.

What is my password?

You choose your own password. More secure passwords contain some numbers in them (for example, localfm2009). It also helps to choose a password that you can easily remember.

What is "Set An Alert"?

If you're looking for something specific (like a particular product or price) or just want to be notified right away when a product is listed or a profile is updated , no need to worry that you'll miss it. Simply click "set an alert" and we will email you when your request has been fulfilled.

How does payment work?

With Local Dirt, sellers handle their accounts receivable the same way as they have previously. The buyer pays the seller directly through Local Dirt. Currently, Google Merchant is the only payment option Local Dirt offers.

How are you marketing Local Dirt?

Ask us for Local Dirt cards, signs, and stickers to hand out to your customers. Once we have more farmers' markets, farmers, and businesses signed up in your area, we will send out press releases to the general public. Sellers FAQ


What if I also deliver to restaurants?

Upgrade your membership to become a medium farm. Check out the Local Dirt website to see the additional benefits that come with the upgrade.

Do I still have to handle invoicing on my own?

No. Once orders are placed through Local Dirt, both the buyer and the seller will automatically receive a copy of the purchase order. And, after the receiving date of the item, you can always get a copy of the invoice from the Local Dirt site.

Do I have to worry about overselling an item?

When you list your products on Local Dirt, you also enter the quantity available. Because all sales are real-time, Local Dirt automatically updates the amount in your inventory. Therefore, you will never have to worry about overselling your product.

What if I don't have time to enter all products I want to sell?

We can enter products for you. Call, email, or fax your product sheet to us, and we will enter the information for you. The fax number is (608) 441-8010 attn: Local Dirt.

What if I don't have time to maintain my price sheets?

Local Dirt can help you. Send your price sheets to us and we will be happy to maintain them for you.

Can I list different prices for different buyers and ways I sell?

Yes. Whether you sell via pickup, a farmers' market, or wholesale, you can list different prices for different selling methods. You can also list different prices for different buyers.

What if I belong to a Farmers' Market, Buying Club, or Co-Operative?

Simply contact your group manager for a "member password" and use that password to link with the group on Local Dirt . If the group isn't already listed, tell them about Local Dirt and have them sign up or contact us to help.

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